It's my bad luck I couldn't do 'Krrish 3': Jacqueline Fernandez

Added by harini on Mar 27, 2012

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez biggest break till date had come in form of her being offered a role in Hrithik Roshan movie ‘Krrish 3’. So, when the actress decided to walk out of the movie, it shocked many people.

But the actress said that she had no other option but to walk out as her dates clashed and she blames her bad luck for the same.

“‘Krrish 3'... I think more of my bad luck. It was unfortunate clash of dates. I felt a major burden on lot of people, so I had to make the decision. Both parties tried hard to make it work, but it didn't work. It's my bad luck I couldn't do 'Krrish 3',” she said to a daily recently.

Not just ‘Krrish 3’ but the actress has also walked out of ‘Raaz 3, which did not go down well with Mahesh Bhatt, who had given Jacqueline Fernandez her first hit movie in form of ‘Murder 2’.

The actress though said that the reason she walked out of the movie is because she doesn’t want to be stereotyped.

“Unfortunately you tend to get stereotype in the industry and that was the major concern for me. When 'Murder 2' released, there were lot of offers coming my way,” she said.

“When we got into the later stage of finalization of 'Raaz 3', I just was not comfortable. I felt I have done it in 'Murder 2', so it's time to move on. 'Housefull 2' was a major relief. It's a different genre. It sees me as a lot more Indianised,” she added.

The actress also denied the rumors that her ‘Housefull 2’ director Sajid Khan was her mentor and was calling shots in her career.

“I have made my movies and career choices completely on my own. When it comes to these things, I don't take advice. I don't have mentors. Sajid Khan is not my mentor. People are very quick to take the credit, but are not quick to take the blame,” she concluded.

Jacqueline Fernandez movie ‘Housefull 2’ will be releasing on April 5.

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