Salman Khan, Kamal Hassan and Jackie Chan together in a movie

Added by harini on Mar 27, 2012

Currently the news doing rounds tinsel town is that South director Venu Ravichandran, also known as Aaskar (Oscar) Ravichandran, is planning on making a movie starring Jackie Chan, Kamal Hassan and Salman Khan.

Apparently, the director has already signed Jackie Chan for his next action movie and will approach Salman Khan and Kamal Hassan to do cameo’s in the movie.

Recently, the director had made his intention of making Jackie's ‘Armour of God’ sequel public and it seems that he has finally started working towards it.

“It will be the mother of all action films and is going to be made on a mammoth budget of R 300 crore. It will be the most expensive Indian film ever mad,” said a source to a daily.

“Ravichandran has approached Salman to play an important cameo. He feels the actor has one of the best bodies in Bollywood and the charisma to match Jackie. Only he can carry that role. Having Salman on board will also help in getting the nationwide reach,” he added.

Given Salman Khan’s busy schedule it would be interesting to see if he gives his nod for this ambitious movie.

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