Ranbir is the future of Bollywood: Paresh Rawal

Added by harini on Mar 30, 2012

Ranbir Kapoor has time and again proved that he is a versatile actor with movies like ‘Rocket Singh’, ‘Wake Up Sid’, ‘Rajneeti’ and more recent ‘Rockstar’.

The actor, who has been winning awards for his stunning performance in ‘Rockstar’, has managed to impress many veteran actors including Paresh Rawal.

When Paresh Rawal was asked who among the current actors could be the next biggest thing in Bollywood, he said that it would be Ranbir Kapoor and no one else.

Even though Paresh Rawal is impressed with many movies of the actor, Ranbir Kapoor's performance is ‘Rajneeti’ is the best according to him.

“’Rajneeti’ was superlative. All the other guys looked pale compared to him. Ranbir Kapoor is terrific. He is the future,” he said to a daily.

When asked who comes close to Ranbir Kapoor he named Abhay Deol.

“Abhay Deol is a tremendous actor. I really like his approach. He is the kind of actor who grows on you with his acting ability,” he concluded.

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