Vidya Balan has hit Bollywood like a hurricane: Jacqueline Fernandez

Added by harini on Apr 14, 2012

After portraying a sultry sex siren in ‘Murder 2’, actress Jacqueline Fernandez was seen as a bride to be in her recent release ‘Housefull 2’.

The actress, who is just four movies old, said that it was a conscious decision to appear in non-sexy role after ‘Murder 2’.

“It's very easy to get stereotyped in this industry. I wouldn't have been able to get out of the 'sexy' image if it weren't for Housefull 2. After Murder 2, I rejected many roles which required me to be a sex siren,” she said to a daily.

The actress said that it’s was actresses who usually get stereotyped compared to their male counterparts in the industry.

“But luckily, we're now getting our due. Vidya Balan has hit Bollywood like a hurricane. I feel liberated just talking about her. And then there's Kareena, who's demanding her worth. These women have taught the industry a lesson,” she said.

The actress will next be seen in ‘Race 2’, where will be working with John Abraham once again.

“John's very sweet. On one hand, he can make a rice sack look sexy, and on the other, he's polite and a perfect gentleman; the kind of boy you can take home to daddy. We have Race 2; hope it makes us the 'IT' on-screen couple,” she said.

The actress admitted that having a godfather in the industry would have made things easier for her.

“A godfather would have made things easy but I don't know for how long. People are ready to take credit for your success and abandon you in times of trouble. I want to take credit for my own success and blame for my failure,” she said.

The actress said that the reason she doesn’t interact much with the media is because she likes her movies to do her talking.

“What makes an actor and actor is the work s/he does. You can run around naked or shout from rooftops, but at the end of the day, its good performances that will get you more work,” she concluded.

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