'Tezz' will take Indian thrillers to a new level: Anil Kapoor

Added by harini on Apr 19, 2012

After being seen in a cameo in Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’, actor Anil Kapoor will be seen in a full fledged role in upcoming movie ‘Tezz’, also starring Ajay Devgn.

The movie is an action thriller, where Anil Kapoor plays Arjun Khanna, a Counter Terrorism officer.

For directing the action sequences in the movie, the movie’s director Priyadarshan appointed world famous action directors Gareth Milne and Peter Pedrer, who have previously worked in movies like Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Quantum of Solace and The Bourne Identity.

“The film is mounted on an international scale. It is very heartening that our productions are now world class. The action was meticulously choreographed by Gareth and Peter, and the entire film was shot across England. Tezz is closest to my heart among my recent works as it is high on emotions, an edge that Indian cinema has over Hollywood,” said Anil Kapoor to a daily.

The actor said that the movie was brilliant, fast and gripping and it would take Indian thrillers to a whole new level.

“‘Tezz’ is fast and gripping, taking Indian thrillers to a new level. It is unlike anything we've done till date. With minimum resources and economic constraints, we've tried to create the same impact of a Hollywood action thriller. Made at one-tenth of their cost, some of the chase sequences have been brilliantly picturised. This film will also see me returning to action after many years. I've achieved the peak of physical fitness for the parkour sequences. Though we have used body doubles for many of the scenes, I have done some of them myself, including the fist fights with Ajay. Our audience loves action. We've shot everything in a realistic way,” he concluded.

Priyadarshan and Anil Kapoor’s last venture together was ‘Virasat’, which was a blockbuster hit. The duo will be hoping that this movie could create the same magic at box-office.

Produced by Ratan Jain the movie will release on April 27, 2012.

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