NTR Dammu a Box Office Bomb?

Added by vidhatha on May 03, 2012

What makes a movie a box office "bomb "? Just losing money doesn't make it qualify. It's the amount of loss from the production costs to ticket receipts that makes the difference.

Young Tiger NTR’s ‘Dammu’ had huge expectations at box office on its release on 27th April 2012, but is experiencing poor run at Box office with huge drops by the first weekend. ‘Dammu’ distributors across the spectrum of film industry are worried about recovering their investment (ROI) on the movie. Few reports have mentioned a staggering 7 lakh rupees loss to distributors in UK and Europe territories.

While the huge drops were seen in Nizam on 2nd day, the collections fell from 4th day in Andhra and Ceded. Though the exact loss is still unclear, the trade pundits have almost declared ‘Dammu’ as a dud.

Weak 2nd half, poor songs, lack of comedy track, high violence and predictable story are few among many reasons for Dammu’s poor show.

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