Gabbar Singh Censor update

Added by vidhatha on May 08, 2012

‘Gabbar Singh’ censor that was supposed to be finished by 4th/5th of May was postponed to 7th of May. The Censor is postponed again to 8th of May. Though the movie unit said that the movie was ready for Censor on any day from 4th May, nothing has been materialized so far. The producer and distributors are still confident about releasing the movie on 11th May. The fate of the release date is not yet finalized officially.

Sources say that ‘Gabbar Singh’ is most likely to release on 12th May. Fans initially requested Bandla Ganesh to release the movie on 12th May, to which the producer Bandla Ganesh refused. Fans are worried as there is no word either from producer or from hero. Unhappy fans are blaming this delay on Producer Bandla Ganesh. Sruthi Hassan, who believed to be part of aggressive promotion of the movie, is no where seen after the censor of ‘Gabbar Singh’ was postponed.

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