Everything is good between me and Ranbir: Nargis

Added by harini on May 15, 2012

Actress Nargis Fakhri has been in news for her rumored relationships with actors Ranbir Kapoor and then Shahid Kapoor. Nargis Fakhri is apparently tired to deny the rumors time and again and has just decided to give up.

“It doesn't make sense. I'm tired of giving explanations. I give up,” she said to a daily.

“I am waiting to become a lesbian,” she added jokingly.

Recently the rumor that her once ‘good friend’ and ‘Rockstar’ co-star Ranbir Kapoor has been ignoring her and her calls.

There were news reports like that? That's news to me. Everything is regular with us. Obviously, during the making of the film, you spend so much time with the person and now all of us are so busy,” she said.

The actress recently took a long holiday to New York and said that the whole holiday was rejuvenating.

“It was nice to take a break. It gets very stressful when you are living on your own, away from your family. I don't have anyone here, no family or friends... It is okay, I don't have the time (to think about it) now. When I wake up at 7am, I have my Kathak class, jazz class, Hindi class, script class, acting class... and then I shoot for magazine covers, events, ads,” she said.

Recently it was reported that her ‘Khiladi 786’ co-star Akshay Kumar had come to her rescue and offered her three films under his banner post her lack of offers after ‘Rockstar’.

“That is a strange statement, I don't find it valid,” she refuted.

But the actress is glad to share screen space with Akshay Kumar in her next movie.

“And that too in a comedy. At least the first of the three is a comedy. There were many scripts coming in, but I wanted to do something fun,” she said.

“And no one really knows that when I first came to Mumbai, I happened to see Akshay's face on a bus, and I screamed, 'I know this guy, he is a funny man, I like him'. Now it is so cool to work with him,” she concluded with glee.

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