I will strip for SRK and KKR: Poonam Pandey

Added by harini on May 17, 2012

Kingfisher Model Poonam Pandey, who rose to fame after her claims that she would strip completely if India wins the world cup, is now in news for stating that she would be willing to strip for SRK and his team.

Poonam Pandey, who is a huge SRK fan, said that she was willing to strip for his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders to motivate them.

In this year’s IPL Shah Rukh Khan’s team has been doing really well but they ended up losing last two matches. Poonam said that she would strip for the team and motivate them to keep winning and ultimately win the cup.

According to a report from Zee News, Poonam Pandey while talking to a TV Channel said that if Shah Rukh asks her to strip she will definitely do it for him and for his team. She also said that if her stripping will help Shah Rukh’s team in winning cricket match then there is no harm in doing so.

It remains to seen what SRK has to say to Poonam Pandey’s motivation plans.

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