Priyanka Chopra invited to Karan Johar's Birthday bash

Added by harini on May 24, 2012

If the reports are to believed then Priyanka Chopra has been invited to attend the birthday bash of filmmaker Karan Johar on May 25th, as its being said that the duo have made up.

Priyanka Chopra is currently in Europe to attend the graduation of her brother but the actress is planning on cutting the trip short to attend Karan Johar’s birthday bash.

“Priyanka has gone to Europe to attend her brother's graduation. She plans to cut short her visit and has already RSVP-ed Karan confirming her attendance. After her return from the US, she has reached out to KJo and asked him about his birthday preparations,” said a source to a daily.

Recently Karan Johar and Priyanka Chopra had a fall-out when Priyanka Chopra hinted that Karan Johar was a fake friend.

Karan Johar had retaliated by tweeting, “Using their hired PR machinery and hiding behind so-called "friends" to get news into tabloids is nothing but spineless and lame!!! Some people need to wake up and smell the KOFFEE!!! Get a reality check before it’s too late!!! Grow up!!! and don't mess with goodness...”

Karan Johar’s invitation says that the director is ready to forgive and forget. Priyanka Chopra too is keen to do the same and will be attending the party until there is a last minute change of heart.

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