I enjoyed dancing on Lavani number: Vidya Balan

Added by harini on May 27, 2012

Vidya Balan’s Lavani number ‘Mala Jau De’ from the movie ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’ is currently the talk of the town. Her dance in the song is being much appreciated but the actress said that dancing to the song wasn’t easy for her as dancing dint come naturally to her.

“I think I enjoyed this dance a lot. I have enjoyed all the roles I have played, but I didn't think I would enjoy dancing so much because I am not really a dancer, I have to put in a lot of effort,” she said to IANS.

“But we worked hard, and when I reached the set we went mad dancing,” she added.

The actress practiced for three weeks to get her steps right with a troupe from Kolhapur before giving the final Lavani shot. In the song Vidya Balan is seen in traditional Maharashtrian attire of red sari.

“I can't believe I got an opportunity to dance to this one. It's so much of nautanki (entertainment), adaa (grace), nazaakat (elegance), so much of energy, so crazy,” she concluded.

The movie stars Sharman Joshi in the lead and Vidya Balan only appears in the song alone but the actress refuses to call her song an item number.

Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’ is produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and will release on June 15.

Vidya Bala Mala Jau De - Ferrari Ki Sawaari

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