Nagesh Muntha special article on Power Star Spidos collections

Added by vidhatha on May 26, 2012

Fashion is all about being yourself. It's about taking the latest styles and adapting them to create a sharp yet timeless look that is still somehow fashion-forward. If there is one person here in our midst who radiates universal charm and effortlessly mesmerizes his way into our hearts through his looks, fashion and his wardrobe, it's none other than the man himself - "Power Star" as we fondly call him. Mr. Pawan Kalyan.

As the ideal incarnation of every soul in Tollywood and elsewhere, Power Star looks suave and sophisticated, even while battling diabolical villains. Throughout the ‘90s and the beginning of the new millennium, Pawan kalyan's impeccable wardrobe has been and is stocked with the latest threads, and a look back at his movies is a bit like taking a crash course in the most sophisticated styles of that generation. Interestingly, while earlier era fashion often appears over-the-top and cheesy to modern-day viewers, Pawan Kalyan's ensembles exemplified only the very best in styles, remaining true to his smooth and polished look and goading men everywhere to up the style factor, the elegance and always ooze "cool".

The secret to his nonchalant yet adventurous look is to mix things up. Always keeping people guessing requires staying on top of knowing your basics, adopting a willingness to wear items out of context, rotating your look regularly, and not being afraid to break all the style rules. It's a no brainer that fans and common folks alike everywhere admire Power Star - He’s inspiring, confident and fun – everything fashion is all about. Beyond the external glitz and glamor and the spectrum of colors, the most endearing aspect is the kind of warmth he generates with his looks that radiates into our hearts. It is this innate quality of his that appeals- to every soul that has any inkling towards fashion or just simply the mundane task of 'dressing up'.

Off screen, the actor is passionate about motorcycles and cars, and has a natural yet distinctive next door boy-meets-renegade style, together with his no-nonsense man’s man personality, makes him a style icon undeniably. His penchant for understudied cool symbolizes the style leanings of an entire generation and is refreshingly down-to-earth at the same time. His sartorial selections - a little ahead of times have always been elegant and chic and a reflection of the changing times.

No point going to Milan for every nook and turn of the fashion world. Relax.we have the style icon who exemplifies Milan right here in Hyderabad. Seriously, we couldn't get a better bargain than that! Amen! Emulating Power Star in style is more of a lesson in concept than copying!!!

The man who himself is a man of few words, requires little explanation when it comes to discussing his status as a style icon. He is the king of cool. Take a bow Mr. Pawan Kalyan!!!

Now get ready for the brand that he endorses..

Written by Nagesh Muntha

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