Audiences are something that we are scared of: Kamal Haasan

Added by harini on Jun 10, 2012

One of the finest actors of Indian Cinema Kamal Haasan is currently busy with his upcoming bi-lingual movie ‘Vishwaroopam’, which is being made simultaneously both in Hindi and Tamil.

The movie boasts a very young cast and according to Kamal Haasan the young actors were perfect for the role.

“Casting Jaydeep, Andrea and Pooja was easy as I was looking for talent and I found it in them,” said Kamal Haasan to IANS at the ongoing 13th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) weekend, where excerpts for his movie were filmed.

There were rumors that Kamal Haasan has approached Deepika Padukone with a role in the movie but the actress turned it down.

“We didn't get the dates we wanted from her so we let her go. I wouldn't like to name her. Her name was suggested by my financier, but I am happy with the people I am working with in this film,” he clarified.

The actor said that his trick to make the movie appealing to audience was to make the movie putting himself in audience’s shoes.

“Audiences are something that we are scared of. We are so paranoid of audiences that we forget to realize that we filmmakers are also one of them,” he said.

“I have a philosophy with which I make films, it may not be best or may not be followed by others. I take the best from my audiences and I consider myself one of them and make films,” he concluded.

The release date of the movie hasn’t yet been decided.

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