Salman Khan to play a superhero in Sher Khan?

Added by harini on Jun 14, 2012

If the rumors are to believed then Bollywood is all set to have a brand new superhero in Salman Khan.

In the movie ‘Sher Khan’, to be directed by Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan, Salman Khan is all set to a play a superhero, whose powers lie in his shoulder length hair. This will be a first Pathan superhero.

Earlier the movie was supposed to be an action flick to Salman Khan’s hit movies ‘Dabangg’, ‘Bodyguard’ but recently it was decided that this will be Salman Khan’s first movie for the kids.

“Kona Venkatesh who wrote Salman's ‘Ready’ was summoned to do the screenplay for the film. Now, Sohail and Salman have changed their mind. They roped in Rumi Jaffery to write an action film for the kids instead,” a source revealed to Mumbai Mirror.

“Though he has had a massive fan following among kids, none of Salman bhai's films have been specially targeted at children. Dilip Shukla (who's also writing Dabangg 2) and I are designing bhai's first film aimed at the young viewers,” said writer Rumi Jaffery to the daily.

Unlike other superhero’s Salman Khan wont be flying wearing a cape.

“He will be a hero that kids can identify with. The action scenes won't have him beating up a dozen goons single-handedly. He has done these things many times before,” said Jaffery.

The leading lady for the movie though is undecided.

“It has to be someone who can perform well. Since Salman bhai is changing in Sher Khan, the leading lady can't be familiar either. We're looking. We have time. We start in October,” Rumi Jaffery concluded.

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