Rani Mukerji to do three item songs in 'Aiyaa'

Added by harini on Jun 19, 2012

One of the current trends in Bollywood is to have an item song or two in the movie. While few directors have the leading lady of the movie dance to the item number, few others opt for a different actress.

Recently director Madhur Bhandarkar announced that the leading of his movie ‘Heroine’, Kareena Kapoor, will be doing two item numbers in the movie. But actress Rani Mukerji is set to go a step further as she is all set to perform three item numbers for her movie ‘Aiyaa’.

“The film is a mixture of reality and dream and Rani will be seen doing three item songs in her dream in the film. Amit Trivedi has composed six songs for the film and three of them will be Rani's item songs,” said director Sachin Kundalkar to IANS.

In the movie Rani Mukerji plays a Marathi girl who finds a man (played by Southern star Prithiviraj) attractive due to the way he smells.

“I don't know for how many years I was trying to work with her (Rani). Luckily this script excited her. As far as the lead actor was concerned, one of my friends suggested Prithvi's name,” he said.

“Prithvi is an amazing actor and both are looking very fresh in the film,” he added.

The director said that Bengali beauty Rani Mukerji had to go through vigorous training to get her accent right.

“Rani is very hardworking. She had gone through language training program before starting the film. She was a complete Marathi girl on the sets,” he concluded.

Recently the movie’s release has been postponed and the movie will now release in last week of October during Dussehra.

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