There's a realism about the script of Maximum, which I loved: Sonu Sood

Added by harini on Jun 22, 2012

Actor Sonu Sood, who has spent over a decade in the industry, is finally being recognized for his acting chops. The actor is all set to play a lead role in the cop thriller ‘Maximum’, directed by ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’ director Kabeer Kaushik.

In the movie Sonu Sood plays a cop, which seems to be a current trend in Bollywood.  But the actor said that the fact that he would play a cop had nothing to do with him accepting the movie.

“This film's narrative is about the Mumbai police force's functioning and there's a realism about the script, which I loved. There's action, but you won't see cars flying and me beating up 10 goons at a time! Also there's no show of rippling muscles and six pack abs...I play a fit, shirt on, clothed cop,” said the actor in an interview.

He said that he spent a lot of time doing research on his character.

“I did meet many police officers and heard their stories and observed their nuances. It was a research I enjoyed doing,” said Sonu Sood.

In the movie the actor is working alongside veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah.

“When it comes to acting, Naseer saab is an institution in himself. I learnt a lot from him just by merely looking at the way he approaches a scene. He is absolutely brilliant,” he said.

It was Sonu Sood who bought the rights of Telugu song ‘Aa Ante Amalapura’ for the movie. He said that it was possible due to his good connections in the Southern industry. It was also Sonu Sood who got Pakistan band Raga Boyz to compose a song for the film.

“It's because they are awesome and their music would add value to the film,” he said.

The actor conceded that rumors of a rift between him and Salman Khan did affect him.

“I have always clarified my stand and that's why I have forged good friendships here. The news of a rift with Salman did bother me, but I knew the truth and emerged stronger. Time teaches you a lot,” he said.

“Time spent in the industry has taught me a lot. I know that now, my suggestions will be mulled upon. I feel confident to give them now and feel happy when they are listened to and worked upon,” he concluded.

The movie also stars Neha Dhupia and is set to release on June 29.

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