I never imagined that my back would become so famous: Reema Sen

Added by harini on Jun 29, 2012

Reema Sen, who plays a strong female character in Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, is currently talk of town due to her voluptuous figure.

“I never imagined that my back would become so famous. Everyone who has seen the film has come up to me and asked me about it. It was just a small scene but it seems to have got a lot of attention,” said the actress to HT.

The actress thinks that if her movie had released before Vidya Balan’s ‘The Dirty Picture’, she would have termed ‘fat’. But thanks to Vidya Balan her figure is being much appreciated.

“While we were shooting GOW, size zero was in. But Vidya changed it all. She made voluptuous sexy. Honestly, had I come in before Vidya, I would’ve been termed fat,” she said.

The actress said that Anurag Kashyap had in fact asked her not to lose weight as her curves were prerequisite for the movie.

“Anurag was keen that I look voluptuous, so he asked me not to lose weight,” she said.

The other reason the actress got noticed was her bold and intimate scenes. But the actress has no qualms doing them.

“Intimate scenes are no big deal. Besides, if you look at other movies, they have still a lot more ‘action’ in comparison to GOW. And it’s not like Bollywood has no nudity. So I was fine doing whatever I was told,” she said.

The actress though doesn’t seem to be accepting many Bollywood movies.

“I’m very busy with films down south, so I don’t really feel the need to do a lot of Hindi cinema. I do films that interest me. Sometimes, those films don’t work, hence my roles go unnoticed. That’s the reason you feel I don’t do much work here,” she concluded.

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