I feel sad for the lady: Salman Khan

Added by harini on Jul 06, 2012

The Khan Brothers have been in news recently as Sohail Khan’s driver crushed a women pavement dweller of 80 to death by Arbaaz Khan’s car. None of the family members were present in the car and the driver was taken into custody immediately.

Salman Khan in a quick interview with a daily said that the incident was very unfortunate as generally their driver was very careful.

“It is extremely sad. It was an accident. The old lady must be sleeping on the road. She ended up in the centre of the road which is when she must have been hit by the car. The driver initially thought it was a bag or something he had ran over; he later realized it was a woman. I think her children; family had disowned her which is why she was homeless. People who sleep on the road need to be careful,” he said.

The actor had also tweeted about this and said that he was very saddened by it.

“Feel sad for the lady. It is really very sad that she was homeless n sleeping on the roads, may god rest her soul in peace. Bache honge, they must have thrown her out of the house, which is why she landed on the road. Unfortunately, an accident happened on the sets of Dabangg also,” wrote on his Twitter page.

“Driver working with dad n mum for the past 25 years, reason was they found him very slow n safe, sad that it had to b him. Unfortunate incident,” he further tweeted.

The actor though shot back at everyone for trying to pull him and his brothers into this incident.

“Please name all the cars, drivers, car owners and all the unfortunate accidents that have happened in the past 2 days, also their brothers,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

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