It's impossible for 'married' Kareena to be a convincing Juliet: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Added by harini on Jul 11, 2012

Recently Kareena Kapoor confirmed that she no longer was a part of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’. The actress had said that she had walked out of the movie because she couldn’t give the director the required extra dates for the movie.

But now the filmmaker has come out with his own version of the incident and said that Kareena Kapoor hadn’t walked out of the film but he had dropped her.

“A Juliet no matter how far removed from Shakespeare`s original vision of her cannot be a married woman. With images of her wedding festivities flashing all over, it would have been impossible for Kareena to pass herself as a Gujju Juliet despite her great talent,” said the director.

A friend close to Sanjay Leela Bhansali said that both the director and the actress walked away amicably.

“Sanjay holds no grudge against the actress although she was less than honest with him about her wedding plans,” said the friend.

The friend said that October 16th wedding of Kareena Kapoor and her beau Saif Ali Khan came as a surprise to the director.

“It threw up a series of frightening scenarios. Kareena would, understandably, get busy with pre-wedding and post-wedding events. In the midst of her wedding in October, Kareena also needed at least a month to promote Madhur Bhandarkar`s’ Heroine’ which releases a month ahead of her wedding date," friend said.

“The parting was anything but acrimonious. Sanjay was surprised to read on Monday morning that Kareena had `walked out` of ‘Ram Leela’. The truth is, this was building up for a long time. And money was the least of the problems. Sanjay was extremely keen to work with Kareena. He thinks she is an exceptional actress,” friend added.

It’s been reported that the director is keen that Priyanka Chopra fills Kareena Kapoor’s shoes. The male lead of the movie is going to be Ranveer Singh.

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