Sonal is everything I want in a woman: Neil Nitin Mukesh

Added by harini on Jul 11, 2012

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh finally admitted that he was dating ex-Miss India and actress Sonal Chauhan. The actor even went on to add that he was very much in love with the actress and was in a pretty happy place currently.

“She is everything I want in a woman. For one, she is not a home-breaker. She makes me feel good about who I am, unlike my last relationship, where I was made to feel like sh*t,” he said in an interview to a magazine.

When asked his marriage plans, Neil Nitin Mukesh said that there was no concrete plan as of yet but was very much looking forward to marrying Sonal Chauhan.

“I want Sonal to trust me completely before she makes a commitment. Isn`t it a man`s duty to convince the woman he loves that he is capable of looking after her for life?” he said.

While Neil Nitin Mukesh might be jumping on couch and declaring his love for Sonal, his lady love thinks it’s too early to discuss their relationship or wedding.

“Neil is fantastic human being and a good friend of mine. Fact is, four months is too short a period for me to get into a committed relationship,” said the actress.

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan are acting together in the movie 3G.

“3G is a supernatural thriller. We are almost done with the shooting of the movie. Only 10 days of shooting is left in Mumbai. We just returned from our 45-day shooting schedule in Fiji. I am eagerly waiting for the director to come up with the edited version of the movie,” the actress concluded.

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