'Barfi' is not a silent film: Anurag Basu

Added by harini on Jul 12, 2012

The recent trailer of one of the most anticipated movies ‘Barfi’ surprised one and all. While many expected the movie to have a serious undertone as it deals with characters who are deaf and dumb and autistic, the movie turned out to be fun filled yet heart touching.

The other thing noticed in trailer was that there were hardly any dialogues in it. But director Anurag Basu denies that his movie is a silent film.

“It’s not a silent film. The people who can speak in the film do talk. You have to understand that I have great actors who could convey a message without saying a word. What you saw in the trailer is what you can expect,” he said to PTI.

“Its not that there are no dialogues in the entire film. I did not think that I will make a silent film with no dialogues from beginning to end. Those who can speak have dialogues. I wanted that everyone should understand the story,” he added.

The director said that the specialty of the movie was that it only had few dialogues.

“There are fewer dialogues in the film and that is the specialty of the film. I had good actors who without saying anything could convey the story...then nothing like it. Illena has few dialogues,” he said.

The movie stars Ranbir Kapoor as a deaf and dumb character, who loves to play pranks. Actress Priyanka Chopra plays a role of an autistic girl. Tollywood actress, Ileana, who is making her debut with the movie plays Ranbir Kapoor’s couch.

“I wanted to make a film which is different and beautiful to spread happiness. When the characters are different, it doesn't mean the film is grim. It is a happy, commercial film,” he said.

The director, who made movies like ‘Murder’, seems to have turned a new stone with ‘Barfi’.

“Earlier on, yes, I made different dark passionate films... that time my life was different but now I am married and I have kids so I should make family films,” he concluded.

The movie will release on September 14.

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