Rajesh Khanna's last movie to be released in December

Added by harini on Jul 24, 2012

Little did any know that before Rajesh Khanna’s health took a toll on him and he passed away, he was shooting for a movie titled ‘Riyasat’ directed and produced by Ashok Tyagi.

Even though few portions of the movie till remain to be shot, the director has decided to release the movie a day before Rajesh Khanna’s birthday on December 29.

“I wouldn't say Mr. Khanna left my film incomplete. He shot most portions, the ones I wanted. But yes, we were tempted to shoot more. And if his health permitted, we would surely have shot all of it. However, the audience won't realize that portions are missing,” said director Tyagi to TOI.

The director though admitted that he faced a bigger problem.

“I will need a dubbing artiste for Mr. Khanna's portions. Few can replicate his inimitable style. But I remember when Sanjeev Kumar passed away before Qatl hit the theatres, Sudesh Bhonsle dubbed for the actor. Sudesh is definitely the best we have, when we need anybody's voice. So I shall approach him, or maybe someone else. But I am definitely bringing Mr. Khanna's last work to the big screen for his fans,” he said.

Along with Rajesh Khanna the movie also stars Gauri Kulkarni (of Frozen fame), Aryan Vaid and Aryeman Ramsay.

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