Salman Khan quits smoking and drinking

Added by harini on Jul 23, 2012

People say that quitting smoking and drinking are few of the hardest things to ever do. But actor Salman Khan has managed to kick off both the habits after his health scare last year.

“Salman bhai is in his prime. He is enjoying success like never before and has become extremely disciplined. After his health scare around a year back due to trigeminal neuralgia (nerve pain), Salman does not want to hamper the recovery process any more. That's why he decided that he would quit smoking and drinking,” said a source to a daily.

“Salman is also making sure that he finishes his films as per schedule and is always present on the sets on time. He is also taking keen interest in every aspect of the film making including the promotions which he never did earlier,” the source added.

Apparently, it’s been 5 months since the actor either smoked or drank. Even though he still likes to party, he keeps himself away from cigarettes and alcohol at all times.

“Salman's illness scared everyone around him and his family. He now does not want to do anything that will upset his family members and quitting drinking and smoking is the first step towards that,” the source concluded.

Hope that this inspires his fans to do the same.

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