‘Heroine’ is not a dirty film, its different from 'The Dirty Picture': Kareena Kapoor

Added by harini on Jul 28, 2012

Kareena Kapoor’s next movie ‘Heroine’ is a story about a glamorous actress, her ups and downs in life and her tragic downfall from a superstar.

The story of ‘Heroine’ is being compared to Vidya Balan’s ‘The Dirty Picture’ but Kareena Kapoor denies any resemblance between both the movies.

“I am not getting into anyone's shoes. I am very much comfortable in my shoes and nobody fits into my size. I am not going anywhere. Heroine’ is not a dirty film...its completely different from 'The Dirty Picture'. It is unfair to compare the two films,” said Kareena Kapoor to PTI.

'The Dirty Picture' was based in 80's and this ('Heroine') is a modern day story.’TDP' was about an item girl, 'Heroine' is about superstar. I have taken on this film because of the script and not to compete with anyone. I think one should stop making comparisons as it is useless,” she added.

Even her song 'Halkat Jawani' is being compared to Katrina Kaif’s 'Sheila Ki Jawani’.

No answer to anybody, don't compare it with anybody. It is mine,” she said.

When Kareena Kapoor was asked when she plans to step aside and let the younger generation take the lead, the actress said that she hasn’t given any thought to that point.

“I haven't thought of it as yet. And obviously I wish and hope that. I think I will be like Zohra Sehgal who would be working till 90...so tough luck. I am not going to give my place to anyone,” she said.

Though Kareena Kapoor denies any resemblance of her movie with that of Vidya Balan’s ‘The Dirty Picture’, director Madhur Bhandarkar hopes that Kareena Kapoor receives a National Award for performance in the movie just like Vidya Balan did for her ‘The Dirty Picture.

“Kareena has done fabulous job. And I am sure and I hope she gets a national award,” he said.

The movie ‘Heroine’ is all set to release on September 21, which also happens to Kareena Kapoor’s birthday.

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