Did Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra tie the knot?

Added by harini on Jul 30, 2012

Even though filmmaker Aditya Chopra and actress Rani Mukerji keep denying that they are a couple, they fool no one.

And Aditya Chopra’s recent gesture of gifting Rani Mukerji an Audi A8 W12 worth Rs. 1.25 crore speaks for itself.

“Adi brought the car to Rani's bungalow on Tuesday evening and asked her to step inside the car just to go for a spin. After the ride, he left the car inside the bungalow's premises and left in his own car which was driven in by his driver,” said an eye witness to Mumbai Mirror.

Recently the popular daily HT reported that couple, who have been dating for years now, had in fact gone ahead and tied knot last Diwali and have been married now for several months.

“They didn’t want people to know they are married because Rani has two films releasing this year (Talaash and Aiyya),” confirmed the daily’s sources.

The source also said that everyone in YRF (Yash Raj Films Productions House) already address Rani Mukerji as ‘bhabhi’.

Previously too there have been reports that the couple was keen to tie the knot but plans had gone haywire after Aditya Chopra’s first wife Payal Khanna has demanded high alimony to settle down the divorce case that took place in 2009.

It was also reported that Aditya Chopra’s parents weren’t all that keen on the match as they still share a good equation with Payal.

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