Ajay Devgn to meet Sikh community over his movie 'Son of Sardaar'

Added by harini on Sep 03, 2012

Ajay Devgn’s upcoming movie ‘Son of Sardaar’ has come under fire from the Sikh community, who claim that Ajay Devgn has portrayed Sikh’s in bad light.

The actor, who recently stated that the movie dint hurt anyone’s feelings, has now decided to meet SGPC officials, Sikh lawyers and members of All India Sikh Student Federation (AISSF).

Ajay Devgn along with his friend and co-star Sanjay Dutt will travel to Amritsar to sort out the issue and have decided to screen the movie during the meeting.

“In the movie the main actor who is shown as a turban wearing Sardar has been shown to having a tattoo of Hindu Lord Shiva engraved on his chest. This is also antithesis to the Sikh principles,” AISSF president had said.

The AISSF approached the Akal Takht to intervene in the matter and ensure that the movie would not be released without the deletion of the objectionable parts. The Akal Takht later asked SGPC to look into the matter following which SGPC formed a five-member committee.

On August 16, Advocate Navkiran Singh issued a legal notice to the makers of the film on and asked them to delete the objectionable portion in the movie within seven days of receipt of the legal notice.

From the trailer the Sikh community had raised objections over the dialogues ‘If Sikhs were not there then who would have invented abuses’ and ‘In case Sikhs would not have been there, then on whom would the jokes be made.’

According to sources Ajay Devgn has already deleted the scenes which he felt objections would be raised against.

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