I am nothing like my character in 'Heroine': Kareena Kapoor

Added by harini on Sep 04, 2012

Actress Kareena Kapoor’s next movie ‘Heroine’ is all set to amidst a lot of hype and huge expectations. While sometimes this works in favor of the movie, there have been times when too much of expectations have lead to movie’s failure. But Kareena in is confident that her movie ‘Heroine’ will do well at the box-office but at the same time says that she isn’t overconfident either.

“I am not over-confident but quite confident and excited about the film,” said Kareena Kapoor to IANS.

In the movie Kareena Kapoor plays a role of a superstar but said that there were absolutely no similarities between her and her screen persona.

“People think there are similarities, but I am not like that in real life. She is bold, manipulative, dark and edgy. I am not at all like that,” she said.

When asked about her favorite look in the movie she said, “My favorite looks are in the title song of the film, which is yet to release”.

Even though Kareena Kapoor has been a part of few of Bollywood’s biggest hits like ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Golmaal 3’ etc, she said her favorite movie till date remains her first movie ‘Refugee’.

“The first film is always special. That innocence never comes back. ‘Refugee’ is my favorite film,” she said.

While many envy the lifestyle Kareena Kapoor leads, she herself craves a normal lifestyle where she would be allowed to go on holidays.

“I am jealous of people who get to go on holidays, even though I go on many on my own. I love travelling. I am also jealous of people who get to eat whatever they want,” she concluded.

The movie ‘Heroine’, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar and also starring Arjun Rampal, is all set to release on September 21.

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