Ileana has surpassed my expectations: Ranbir Kapoor

Added by harini on Sep 06, 2012

Even though Ranbir Kapoor’s movies have been very successful at the box-office none of the movies managed to cross the 100 Crore mark. Ranbir Kapoor, who has been winning awards and accolades this year for his performance in ‘Rockstar’, said that he would love to be a part of 100 Crore club but knows that it will only come when his fan base grows.

 “Of course I aspire to be in that club but you need the longevity in your career. You need that fan base that grows over the years. You need the kind of films and directors that these heroes are working with,” said Ranbir Kapoor in an interview.

“When I do a film like ‘Barfi’, I am not doing it because it's an art film. I am doing it because it's an engaging cinema to me and entertaining. I can't sign films only because they will work in a certain territory or with a certain class of audience. I hope in the long run, ‘Barfi’ too garners Rs. 100 crores and even more and becomes a cult film,” he added.

Ranbir Kapoor, who is working for the first time with Ileana D’Cruz in the movie, said that he had different actress in mind for Ileana’s role but when he saw Ileana’s audition he was bowled over by her performance.

“You know, while the casting was happening, we went to many mainstream Hindi film actresses. Since she is a normal person in the film, she talks and is narrating ‘Barfi’ in the film as she witnesses this magic of Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) Barfi aka Murphy. I had lots of suggestions for Anurag Basu and told him to meet a few actresses. He then urged me to see an audition. He didn't tell me who Ileana was. I too didn't know who she was. I never saw any work of hers. When I saw the audition, I was bowled over. It was just a shot of her talking to the camera,” he said.

The actor is very impressed with Ileana and said that the way she adapted in the movie was phenomenal.

“Anurag has this quality of talking to the person and getting quite deep with him/her so that person becomes transparent in front of the camera as far as their acting is concerned. Ileana has surpassed my expectations. The kind of films she has been doing in the South and then adapting ‘Barfi’ is phenomenal for her. It's a whole new world for her, the language, etc. She does everything with ease, poise, beauty and dignity and it's not an easy thing,” he concluded.

In 'Barfi' Ranbir Kapoor plays a character of deaf and dumb boy Murphy, who is called ‘Barfi’ by all his friends. Even though Barfi is deaf and dumb he is quite a charmer and a prankster. He seems to always have a prank up his sleeve.

Priyanka Chopra plays an autistic girl Jhilmil, whom Ranbir Kapoor described as a ‘beautiful puppy dog’.

Ileana plays Ranbir Kapoor’s instructor, Shruti, who loves Murphy but marries another guy because her parents object to the relationship.

'Barfi' is basically about Murphy’s bitter-sweet relationship with Shruti (Ileana) and Jhilmil (Priyanka) and the chain of events that turns his life upside down.

 ‘Barfi’ is all set to release on September 14th.

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