‘Chakravyuh’ will benefit from 'Satyagraha’ hype: Prakash Jha

Added by harini on Sep 13, 2012

Even though Prakash Jha’s movie ‘Chakravyuh’ is gearing up for release this October 24, it’s his movie ‘Satyagraha’ that’s more in news. But the director feels that ‘Chakravyuh’ will only benefit from the hype and interest surrounding his other ‘Satyagraha’.

“There is a lot of buzz about 'Chakravyuh' and the film might benefit from the hype surrounding 'Satyagraha'. It was important to announce the new film at this point as I am planning to begin shooting it in a few months. 'Satyagraha’ is slated for an August 15 release next year,” said Prakash Jha to PTI.

‘Chakravyuh’ that stars Arjun Rampal, Abhay Deol and Esha Gupta in lead roles is a strong, emotional story in the backdrop of the Naxal problem.

“The problem is only increasing, from the forest it is spilling onto our industrial and agricultural area. A lot of people are getting attracted to this ideology. I feel it was high time that there was an effort at understanding the issue and starting the process of a solution through social and political means,” he said.

“A lot of people in the society don't know much about this problem. There is an alienation as well, if you go to a Naxal area you will realize they are living in a different world altogether. It's high time we came up with a solution,” he concluded.

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