My daughter looks like her mother: Akshay Kumar

Added by harini on Sep 27, 2012

Early morning yesterday actor Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Akshay Kumar after holding his second child for the first time said that there was no greater feeling than holding your baby for the first time.

“There is no greater feeling in life than holding your baby for the first time. I wish I could express more about how HAPPY I am right now, but I'm at a loss of words,” tweeted Akshay Kumar.

The couple, who already have 10 year old son Aarav, has been flooded with messages from fans.

“I must thank you all for your love during this special time in my life - Proud Papa,” Akshay posted.

The actor said that he couldn’t wait to take his newborn and his wife home and his son Aarav was excited about his role as big brother.

“I want to take my family home, safe and sound. Aarav can’t wait to take on the role and responsibilities of a big brother,” Akshay said to a daily.

The actor revealed that his daughter resembles her mother and her grandmother.

“We are blessed with a lovely baby girl, who looks just like her mother and grandmother,” said Akshay Kumar.

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