'Student of the Year' will be a blockbuster: Mukesh Bhatt

Added by harini on Oct 19, 2012

Karan Johar’s movie ‘Student of the Year’ released to mixed reviews today. But filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt predicted that the movie will end up being a blockbuster.

“It's a blockbuster. If you have to give the trophy to someone, then it has to be Karan Johar. Hats off to him for making such a good and a big film with newcomers. So if you ask me, the star is Karan Johar,” said Mukesh Bhatt to IANS.

Mukesh Bhatt’s niece Alia Bhatt made her Bollywood debut with this movie.

“Alia is my 'bacchi', so it is a very touching moment for me to see this kid blossom into such a beautiful flower,” he said.

He said that not just Alia but also Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan did a tremendous job in the movie.

The filmmaker thinks that this movie will change the landscape of the industry.

“If you tell me to give marks, then I will give all three of them 100 out of 100 and this is not a diplomatic statement. All three of them are wonderful,” he said.

“This film will change the landscape of the industry, I can assure you. The new generation is going to take over and thank god. High time new generation comes and takes over,” he concluded.

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