I have no regrets about Sourav Ganguly: Shah Rukh Khan

Added by harini on Nov 18, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan, who co-owns Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), said that he had no regrets about dumping one of Team India’s best captains Sourav Ganguly unceremoniously.

At Hindustan Leadership Summit 2012 Shah Rukh Khan was asked if he was ashamed about the way he treated Dada. To this question Shah Rukh Khan replied with a blunt ‘No’.

When further cross question by Vir Sanghvi, who asked “You think you treated him right? He was humiliated by your team that was okay?” Shah Rukh Khan replied by saying, “I humiliated? My team did... they should apologize. I did not. I have no regrets at all. The team decides and the coaches decide, and I am not being diplomatic with this.”

“I think we treated him well enough. Having said that, I think he is one of the greatest players the country has, but in that part of format of cricket, after three years, maybe the team management did not think it that way,” he added.

But Shah Rukh Khan admitted that he took a big risk with having a Kolkata team without Prince of Kolkata.

“To be honest, we took a big chance - to be in Kolkata and not to have dada... (But) I think we have proven that this team has done well with the leadership of Gautam (Gambhir) and the team management behind. So no regrets,” he concluded.

KKR won the IPL trophy for the first time last year.


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