Vidya Balan is gutsy like me: Waheeda Rehman

Added by harini on Nov 18, 2012

Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman, who is known for choosing unconventional roles in her career, said that she sees a reflection of herself in Vidya Balan, who like her chooses gutsy roles that other actresses would shy away from.

When asked Waheeda Rehman who among the current crop of actresses was like her, she immediately said, “I'll say Vidya Balan.

“I also used to choose different movies. I never stuck to 'one good girl in love' (kind of role) and Vidya does the same thing," Waheeda Rehman told IANS in an exclusive interview.

"I had the guts to do Guide. At that time, they told me not to do it because it was a vamp's role. I did ‘Mujhe Jeene Do’ and ‘Teesri Kasam’. I wanted to take a chance and even Vidya is doing that now," she said.

The actress, who was last seen in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s ‘Delhi 6’, said that the reason she is hasn’t signed any new movie is because nothing exciting has come her way.

“The role should excite me. It must contribute to the movie...not just like standing there. That's not exciting. What kind of role is difficult to say? Even if it is an elderly role, it must contribute. I don't want to be there for the sake of being there,” she said.

The actress revealed she got many offers from small screen but she has no interest in TV shows.

“I got so many offers, but I don't want to do TV. I was told you get stuck badly if the serial becomes popular. Then the timings and all...I want to have my life at my time,” she said.

“If I do one picture (at a time), it is fine... I want to enjoy my life. Currently, I'm enjoying myself. There are so many things to do, I run a house, meet my friends. I do a lot of reading, meditation and I travel,” she added.

Versatile actress said that she makes it a point to keep in touch with her fellow actresses.

“Nanda, Asha Parekh, Sadhna, Helen...we meet quite often. We go out for lunches or visit each other's house. We watch movies. Salim (writer Salim Khan) saab and Helen have screenings for all the movies they can get, and all of us watch them together,” she said.

The actress said that though she is humbled by her fans reaction to her she is irritated by their behavior too.

“Sometimes, it bugs you and irritates you. We go to a restaurant and we are eating. People don't have the sensitivity that they should let us eat. Once we finish, they can ask for autograph or a photograph. Let us be. You are eating, so are we. We don't want to be disturbed like that,” she concluded.

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