Will announce details about Kishore Kumar biopic soon: Anurag Basu

Added by harini on Dec 18, 2012

Filmmaker Anurag Basu, whose recent movie ‘Barfi!’ tasted tremendous success and got chosen as India’s official entry for the Academy Awards to be held in February, said that he recently completed the script of Kishore Kumar’s biography and further details about the movie will be announced soon.

The movie will have Ranbir Kapoor, who was also the lead actor in ‘Barfi!’, playing the role of Kishore Kumar.

“We (Anurag and Ranbir) both are committed and very soon you will hear the announcement from us, when we are going to start that film," Mr Basu said on Sunday at the Big Star Entertainment Awards.

The director said that he has been working on the script for the movie ever since the completion of ‘Barfi!’ and the script was now finally ready.

“After ‘Barfi!’ I was working on that film only, scripting has completed now and we will decide when and what happens," he added.

Anurag Basu said that 20012 has been a mixed bag with good things as well as bad. He thinks that with demise of so many legendary figures in Bollywood it was up to the youngsters to carry on the mantle.

“2012 has been a mix of good and bad. We have lost so many legends but now it’s our (filmmakers) responsibility to carry forward this legacy. Now it is a relay race and we will move forward carrying the baton,” he concluded.

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