Aamir Khan rejects an endorsement deal for its lack of social awarness

Added by harini on Jan 03, 2013

Actor Aamir Khan is one of those rare actors who is not just known for his acting but is often called as a social crusader.

Aamir Khan seems to be living up the image as he recently rejected a luxury car endorsement due to its lack of social relevance.

“Aamir only wants to work on ads that are socially relevant. He is rumored to have cancelled ad deals amounting to a few crores. Aamir did not sign up for it as it didn't come under the umbrella of social issues,” said a source to Mid-Day.

Aamir Khan made his TV debut last year with social awareness show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Through the show Aamir Khan not only spread social awareness on many issues like dowry system, female infanticide, medical malpractices etc but also lent support to various NGO’s of different social causes.

It’s said that after this show Aamir Khan cancelled many of his endorsement deals and re-worked on a few deals because he wants to associate himself with ad’s that spread social awareness.

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