I keep my personal and professional lives separate: Kareena Kapoor

Added by harini on Jan 03, 2013

Kareena Kapoor might be from one of the prominent family in Bollywood but the actress said that she always endeavors to have a life outside the world of showbiz.

The actress, who recently married Saif Ali Khan in a very hushed up wedding, said that she likes to keep her personal life separate from her work.

“The key is to realize that we are here to work in this industry. I`m not over-friendly with anyone, I don`t get into anyone`s personal space because I don`t want people to get into mine. I have a life outside of films,” said Kareena Kapoor to PTI.

“Some of my friends are from the industry but most of them are not. So that is a part of life that I cherish. I go to work and come back. I want to keep it like that - go to work, come home and let my work talk more than anything else,” she added.

The actress said that things haven’t changed much after marriage as both she and Saif are busy with their respective projects.

“Saif has been shooting for `Bullet Raja` and I have shot for `Dabangg 2` song and promoted `Talaash`. I have also shot for eight brands since the wedding. We actors sign up brands then we forget that we have to give them four days each to shoot. I have been shooting every day. Work is my passion and Saif respects that,” she said.

Kareena, who did a special song ‘Fevicol’ in Salman Khan’s movie ‘Dabangg 2’ on Salman’s request, said that she and Salman Khan share a very warm relationship ever since her sister Karisma Kapoor worked with Salman.

“Salman and Karisma go back 12-16 years, they started with movies like `Nishchay` (1992) and I used to be on the sets. I was 8 or 9 years old then. He has that kind of love for me, as Karisma`s younger sister. He was friendly during `Bodyguard` and he respects the kind of person that I am. You can see the warmth between us and that`s what I love,” she said.

The actress further said that Salman Khan’s father and veteran writer Salim Khan had recently called her to compliment her on her performance in her recent release ‘Talaash’.

“When a living legend like Salim saab, who has written such great films and characters, calls you, it`s something else. In my decade long career, no one has given me the compliment that he has for `Talaash`. He never called me after `Jab We Met`. He said I have been studying your work, I think you are one of the best that we have, so please continue doing such roles. That`s a great compliment," she said.

Kareena Kapoor ended 2012 on a high with Aamir Khan starrer ‘Talaash’. The actress will begin 2013 with Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan.

“I ended the year with Aamir, I`m going to start the year with Imran. Life`s always a full circle, I`ve got to work with both. In January I start shooting for a film with Imran Khan and then I have `Satyagraha` with Ajay Devgn. We start shooting for that on February 1,” she concluded.

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