There is absolutely no catfight between me and Deepika: Anushka Sharma

Added by harini on Jan 04, 2013

For the past few days reports have been rife that actress Anushka Sharma slashed her endorsement price to snatch a very lucrative endorsement deal from Deepika Padukone.

Anushka Sharma is infuriated with these reports and said that her "army background" would never allow her to stoop low.

“There is absolutely no catfight. People just try and drag you into issues. It's not my problem that people try to pick actresses at random and create wars between them. I have nothing against anybody,” said Anushka Sharma to Mid-Day.

The actress added that she doesn’t need to stoop so low for an endorsement deal because she has sufficient endorsement deals in her kitty right now and that she does not need to slash her fee to steal someone else's ad.

“I find it very cheap to be saying I have X number of ads. I don't need to slash my price. Period," she said.

Anushka Sharma further said that she was ‘dignified’ and such reports question her upbringing.

“It shows poorly on my upbringing. I don't fight with other girls over things and I don't need to do that either. I remain dignified about the way I carry myself,” she concluded.

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