I want people to remember the roles that I do: Imran Khan

Added by harini on Feb 04, 2013

Actor Imran Khan, nephew of Aamir Khan, thinks that this is the best time to be a part of Bollywood due to the influx of new filmmakers and fresh storylines.

“So many good and talented young directors, producers and writers are coming in. The kind of films that are being made today and the kind of cinema that the audience has been supporting... we could not hope for anything else,” said Imran Khan to IANS in an interview.

The actor also believes that the sensibility of the audience has changed and that audience is now looking for something new and fresh

“Whether it is ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ or ‘Delhi Belly’, if such kinds of films were being made 10 to 15 years back, they wouldn't have worked at the box-office,” said Imran, who won accolades for his performance in both the movies.

Imran Khan strayed away from his city bred chocolate boy image in Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ and played a village boy for the first time.

“An actor always wants to do something different. We (actors) live only for the appreciation from the audience. This is what we want. We want that the audience likes and appreciates our work and we want that they remember every role we do. That is what every actor is trying to do,” he said.

“I want people to remember the roles that I do. But ultimately, success or failure is not in our hands. We don't know what will happen (with any film)," he added.

Imran Khan confessed that he chooses a film keeping audience and their tastes in his mind.

“I just ask myself a question - 'As an audience, will I be going to watch such a film?' If I get a positive feeling, I just get on to it," said Imran.

In yesteryears the success of a movie was based on the number of days the movie ran in the theater. But now the success of movie is based on its collections at the box-office.

“Twenty to 25 years ago, only 300 prints of a film used to be released. Today, even if you release a small film, it will release with 600 prints, and big films will release in 2,500 to 3,000 screens,” the actor said.

“(Now) It is not about time; it is about how many people see the film,” Imran Khan concluded.

Imran Khan will next be seen in Milan Luthria’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2’.

Imran Khan’s movie’s ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’, opposite Kareena Kapoor, directed by Punit Malhotra, and ‘Milan Talkies’, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, starring Priyanka Chopra will also release this year.

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