I have no qualms about not playing lead in 'Bobby Jasoos': Dia Mirza

Added by harini on Oct 11, 2013

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, who is donning a producer hat for the second time for the movie ‘Bobby Jasoos’, said that she had no qualms about not being the leading lady in the movie and is quite contented with being behind the camera.

“I am not selfish. I don't know why I am not doing this film. All I know is... I want to make this film; I don't want to see myself on screen to know that it is my film. This is my baby and I want to nurture. I did not set up Born Free because I wanted to see myself in films... I want to take my aspirations to another level,” said Dia Mirza to IANS.

“When you are an actor you are a small part of it, but when you are a producer you expand your horizons, go beyond the limitations. As an actor you do not have that much control but you can do a lot as a producer,” she added.

The actress turned producer said that being a producer gives her more control over the movie.

“I love being in front of the camera but I love the fact that I have more control as a producer. My passion is cinema and to translate the passion this way, it feels good,” she said.

I love the fact that when you are producing the film your involvement is creative, at the same time you are not being judged every day. So, the daily pressure is removed and you are enjoying the process of being involved creatively and putting things together," she added.

Actress Vidya Balan, who generally takes a long time to give a nod to a project, apparently signed on to play a detective in this thriller movie immediately.

“When we took the script to her we were sure she would like the film. Vidya is a very strong and big component in the nurturing process. We are not making this film to shock anyone. We hope people love her in the film. She will be seen in a different way in the movie," she said.

Dia Mirza and Vidya Balan actually shared screen space in Vidya Balan’s debut movie ‘Parineeta’. Later the actresses worked together in ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’.

“I met her first time during ‘Parineeta’. She was very warm, lovely. I loved her in Parineeta, she was breathtaking. We share a cordial, affectionate relationship. We did Lage Raho Munnabhai again and laughed about how whenever we work together, the film works," Dia said.

Dia Mirza is happy with all the success and awards Vidya Balan has achieved.

“Her journey is remarkable and the credit goes to her resilience and faith in what she wanted to do. I respect her a lot as an actress and as an individual. Sahil worked with her (as an assistant director) in ‘Salam-E-Ishq’,” she said.

The actress said that there is more clarity in her life now more than when she entered this industry.

“There is lot more clarity now; I believe in myself a lot, my life is connected to many more people than before. My purpose as a human being has become very clear. I am in an enriching place today. There is security,” she said.

After trying her hands with producing Dia Mirza also wants to try her hands with direction.

“Yes, for sure (I will direct). But I don't know when, maybe when I have a story I want to tell, I will direct,” she concluded.

‘Bobby Jasoos’ will be directed by Sameer Shaikh and produced under Dia Mirza’s banner Born Free Entertainment, which she co-owns it with her beau Sahil Sangha.

The movie will go on floors in November and is scheduled to release in April 2014.

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