Bollywood shows disappoint about Supreme Court ruling gay sex as crime

Added by harini on Dec 12, 2013

On Wednesday Supreme Court India ruled that gay sex is a criminal offense. They set aside a Delhi High Court verdict from 2009 which had decriminalized homosexuality. The verdict held that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which outlaws sex "against the order of nature" is constitutionally valid. Conviction carries a fine and a jail sentence of upto 10 years.

Bollywood actors expressed their disappointment through Twitter.

Aamir Khan: "I am most disappointed with this judgment. It feels very intolerant and violative of basic human rights. It's a shame," the star said in a statement.”

Filmmaker Karan Johar tweeted: For all those who think that this judgment gives them a right to talk about their self appointed machoism...GET A LIFE!!!

Actor Farhan Akhtar also tweeted: The Supreme Court got it wrong today. #Sec377.

Leading Indian writer Vikram Seth called the verdict, "a great day for prejudice and inhumanity and a bad day for law and love."

Shabana Azmi: Shocking judgment! Upholding 377 is violative of human rights n anti democratic. SC says Parliament shud scrap 377- it MUST. Criminal? How?

Madhur Bhandarkar: Just when we thought we are looking into the future, comes a judgment that treats us like we are in the stone age. The disappointment is justified

John Abraham: India has harbored archaic prejudices once again. The Supreme Court has criminalized homosexuality

Chetan Bhagat: What?! Consensual gay sex ruled illegal in 2014? Shows you how badly India needs new young leaders with a modern outlook

Shruti Haasan: 11.12.13 a day that reminds us how blatant regressing and oppressing someone has become - plan b move bedroom to another planet and time

Sudhir Mishra: The decision declaring gay consensual sex illegal betrays a primitive Victorian mind. It is certainly not Indian

Kunal Kohli: On 11-12-13 Supreme Court goes back to the medieval ages with Section 377

Anupam Kher: We obviously don't believe in equal rights even in the times when we send Mangalayan to Mars

Kalki Koechlin: Supreme Court's job is to uphold the right and freedom of every individual, not to decide what is culturally acceptable or not. In this case they failed

Shruti Seth: So while the world is trying to legalize gay marriage, here's what we're doing as a nation. Such a disgrace!

Riteish Deshmukh: Supreme Mis-judgement

Nikhil Advani: Welcome to the medieval ages! It was only a matter of time

Neha Dhupia: How can love be illegal?

Rahul Bose: So much for those believing the judiciary is 'the last bastion of common sense' in this country

Vinay Pathak: Supreme Court - Straight or scared!

Milap Zaveri: Nothing supreme about the court's decision. Shocked and disappointed at the anti-gay verdict

Shirish Kunder: Personally, I've no problem with same-sex relationships, as long as it's not compulsory

Vir Das: Today is 11.12.13. Unless you work in our Supreme Court, in which case it's the year 1826

Sandhya Mridul: The courts are unfortunately only following the law of the land, which are as old as the dinosaurs. Blame the legislature more than Supreme Court!

Hansal Mehta: Does India not have a single gay judge? Or does being gay mean that you can only be unfairly judged?

Siddharth: India is a bigot nation. I pray that every person who tries to deny another person their rights gets IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Bigots beware

Richa Chadda: The Supreme Court criminalises love, again. Sad day

Nachiket Barve: The problems of this world are because of what happens 'without consent' rather than what happens between 'consenting adults'! wake up!

Celina Jaitly: I cannot believe Supreme Court's decision. I have been in shock since it came. Such a contradiction of democracy.

Supreme Court ruling has irked and disappointed many gay activists across the country.

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